Gila County High Point Trip Report

Date: September 2001
Author: Scott Casterlin

A 2wd, high-clearance vehicle should be able to handle Forest Road 76 off the Rim Road (FR 300) toward Promontory Butte. About 1.9 miles in on 76 from 300, turn right on a rougher road away from a sign pointing out the continuation of 76 to the left. About 0.3 mile further, look for a vague, somewhat blocked-off, road on the left and park here. The topo map is not very good for the roads right here, but I think this point is just south of where the double-dashed road turns to single-dashed (maybe).

Walk the blocked road, really a track now, for less than a quarter-mile, then look sharply for a vague left fork, as shown on the topo near the "P" in Promontory, and take it. Follow it to the rim area and walk the rim a short way southeast to the cairned-and-registered WC, which looks about twenty feet higher than nearby point 7914.

Over at Myrtle Point, use the topo-marked road that's about 200 feet west of another road that's not marked on the topo. Drive in on this good road and, when you get near the rim before the road starts dropping a little, park and walk a few feet to the right to the rim itself, finding the cairn amid some grass.