Gila County Highpoint Trip Report

Myrtle Point and Promontory Butte

Date: September 2, 2005
Author: Don Desrosiers

From the Greenlee County HP, I headed north on 191 to Alpine then caught US 180 to Springerville, US 60 to Show Low, and AZ 260 to the Mogollon Rim Visitor Center. From there, other directions will get you where you want to go, although I relied most heavily on David Olson's excellent commentary (and mileages).

For Promontory Butte, I may have taken a slightly different left than did others. Either way, I drove about 2 miles which was about the point where I figured I could walk faster that I was driving. This was slight less than 800 yards from where the GPS indicated I wanted to be. It was an easy bushwhack through the woods to the edge to the rim. I did not find the log, but the fault could have been mine. The roads on the topo are somewhat overgrown and the current road (a snowmobile track actually) heads somewhat more easterly than shown.

For Myrtle Point, the road you want is 300-C (shown on Tonto NF map). I drove to about 50 yards from the HP then walked. Found the cairn and the register. I feel honored to have signed something along with such distinguished company.