Greenlee County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: Septemebr 2, 2005
Author: Don Desrosiers

From the Cochise County HP, I took 191 north through Safford, Clifton, and Morenci (town motto: "Our town is so ugly, we're digging it up."). The road does some serious winding and the "In memory of" signs do tend to help you pay attention. Drove to just north of the K.P. Cienega Campground as per Scott Surgent's excellent directions. Parked at what I figured was the high point of the highway and headed up through the woods.

There was much evidence of former fires but the walking was otherwise easy. Not exactly certain where the precise HP is but I wandered around for 10 minutes or so before declaring satisfaction. Probably near the surveyor's tape and the salt someone put out for the elk.