Navajo County Highpoint Trip Report

Black Mesa

Date: September 12, 2007
Author: Scott Peavy

Took a day off from work last Wednesday to join Chris Gilsdorf in completing Navajo County. Navajo county was Chris' second Arizona County HP and marked my state completion.

We stopped in at the Cameron Visitor Center on the way and procured hiking permits ($5 each). We settled on the route from Lolamai Point on the mesa top. The driving directions previously described to Lolamai Point were accurate. The gate at mile 7.3 was closed but not locked. There were no warning or no-trespassing signs posted.

Our hike started at the locked gate across the smaller road near the fork at mile 14.3. After hiking to the mesa rim, we then continued eastwards paralleling the rim all the way to the HP. We had a tendency to move too far south away from the rim as we looked for the path of least resistance. This would periodically cause us to travel north to regain the rim. A faint road can be picked up leaving the last canyon. This road leads to a maintained road that continues to within a mile of the HP.

We were able to find the HP cairn which contained the register placed there by John Vitz. We also walked 100 or so feet to the north to cover the area described by Edward Earl as a potential higher point.

Our day had nearly ended early as during the descent into the first canyon, Chris suffered a deep puncture to his lower right leg while stepping through timber debris. Following first aid and my suggestion for us to return to the truck, Chris elected to tough it out and amazingly was able to complete the next 11 miles.

The return hike was uneventful with frequent stops along the rim to take in the scenery.