Navajo County High Point Trip Report

Date: August 2001
Author: Mike Coltrin

NOTES on Yazzi Trail (not at attempt)

With reference to this point, the red cross hairs are a picnic ground. The trail begins here. It starts south up a ridge then switchbacks through the cliffs to the rim.

This point is about where the trail hits the rim.

Finding the picnic grounds: There are two tall, slender water tanks about where the two black dots are south of point 6262. These can be seen from the highway. (Don't mistake them for the two huge tanks near the highway.) From the stoplight go south behind the gas station then head southwest on the major dirt road heading in the direction of the tanks. You have to pick out the right roads to get to the picnic ground. Be aware that the road net on the map only slightly resembles what it is actually on the ground. The short road winding north from the picnic grounds looks like it splits east and west about a quarter mile north of the road end. This is not so. The road continues along the ridge to intersect the east-west road a quarter mile farther north. We first tried to come in on the road stretching south from the intersection marked on the map at 5884. Just past the pond at 5972 this road ends at a trailer house. We decided to try the other branch a mile to the west. We passed the road (not shown on the map) that leads to the picnic ground but didn't use it because it looked rough. The road up the wash (East of the 'N' in Reservation,) dead ends in a small graveyard where the map shows it climbing eastward near the 6000 contour.