Pima County High Point Trip Report

Mount Lemmon

Date: July 29, 2001
Author: Dale Millsap

Missed the construction by going in on a Sunday. Drove up quite early, but there was still a considerable amount of traffic, especially bicycles. We parked at the parking lot at a lower gate, walked to the radio tower area (the fence was all broken down, so I wandered in there), then walked to the gate of the observatory area and around the east side to the north, where the relocated BM Catalina 2 sits. The fence is actually gone on the east, and the small man gate on the north was open as well, so access was easy. I wandered around the domes until I was satisfied, then left at about 8 AM.

At the car, I phoned my wife back in Oro Valley. The temperature at the top was 57 deg, but already 87 deg down in the valley. No wonder so many people were heading up that road.