Pima County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: September 1, 2005
Author: Don Desrosiers

Came in off of I-10 through Tucson (town motto: "Synchronize our lights? Why would we do THAT?"). Catalina Highway was easy enough to find. Paid the entry fee, although later discovered I could have avoided it.

The gate at the very top was closed, so I parked at the Mount Lemmon Trailhead parking lot and walked up. At this point, things got a little strange. The gate was ajar and I had prepared for the occasion by dressing somewhat academically (it helps that I can look like a post-doc student). As I am walking in, looking like I belong there, someone is coming down the driveway from the large geodesic ball building (the one on the right). He asks me if I am Larry. Figuring that the downside was minimal, I admitted to being Larry. "They're waiting for you.", he says and keeps going. I head up toward the HP, wander fairly quickly and ziggy back to the car, never seeing anyone else.

I hope the correct Larry finally got there to help them with whatever he was supposed to help them with.