Pinal County High Point Trip Report

Near Rice Peak

Date: June 7, 1992
Author: Andy Martin

Drove a 4wd to very top of Rice Peak. A pretty steep and bouncy drive in spots, and the truck made ominous clicking noises due to slipping gears. Once at the top we hiked downhill to the approximate location of the county line. It was a bit surprising to find a small cairn and mini register there.

May 25, 1997 update:

Driving to the top, the 4wd barely made last .8 mile, and all the passengers had to walk a bit. There were lots of ladybugs at very top. Walked downhill to county line and found small cairn near county line. It was in some brush and not that easy to spot.

We also climbed the knoll ~600' NE of the cairn. It is lower than the cairn (but we are not 100% sure where county line actually runs).

On the descent we took a road log. Generally you stay on the main traffic path:

(Odometer, miles)

16.3 Rice Summit
16.4 turn right
17.5 continue straight, do not go right
18.0 continue straight, do not go right
18.5 leave ridge, head downhill easterly
18.9 bear left at saddle
19.4 a faint track is seen to the left
19.4+go right
19.9 bear left on saddle on 29C
20.0 bear left
20.5 reach main stream, Peppersauce Wash
22.0 Reach main road, Peppersauce Campground