Yavapai County High Point Trip Report

Mount Union (7,979 ft)

Date: August 9, 2002
Author: Michael Schwartz

I used Roy Wallen's excellent report, which will get you to the now gated final access road. Mileage and other comments: Gurley [Avenue/Road ?] runs along the city hall and reaches the Mt. Vernon Avenue turn off a few blocks later. Zero odometer at the start of Mt. Vernon. Pavement ends at 7.1 miles; pass Wolf Creek Campground turn off at 7.2; Walker Road junction at 10.8; cattle guard at 12.3 and stay left on road with large yellow "primitive road" warning sign; "Y" intersection at 13.8 miles. The road is now gated at this point, leaving 0.7 mile and 800 feet of gain on a road that gets very rocky near the top. The lookout tower was manned, and the observer invited me to visit. He drives his Accura Integra to the summit. Amazing!