Yuma County High Point Trip Report

Signal Peak

Date: December 18, 1999
Author: Andy Martin

On the map there is a dirt road that goes up and around the north side. This is the road you want, heading up the Kofa Queen Canyon. It follows this dry wash on the part marked "4wd". A high clearance vehicle (pickup truck) should be able to drive this. If you do not have 4wd you might bring a shovel, in case you get bogged down in sand. You will drive a couple miles up the wash to the mouth of Ten Ewe Mountain - near the R18W R17W township line. Keeping track of progress on the topo maps will be helpful.

There a fair use route to the summit, with cairns in places. The peak gets more traffic than most desert peaks in the area. You will head up a bit south of Indian Canyon, and pass just south of knoll 3,960, which is just east of the "n" in the word "Indian" on the 7.5' map. From here the trail gets fainter, but continue on to the saddle just west of Ten Ewe Mountain. From here head west to the summit. You will descend the same route, so pay attention to key locations while ascending.

Allow 4 hours hiking time from the Kofa Queen/Ten Ewe Canyon junction. A slower party might take 6. If you go in a passenger car, you will probably have to park at start of the 4wd road at center of section 34. Add a couple hours in this case, and take some extra water.

No technical gear is needed. The "crux" might be the steep slope you climb to the saddle just south of knoll 3,960, but sure-footedness is all that is needed here - can probably do it "no hands" if desired.

A couple ways to get into trouble on Signal -

1. Get lost on the descent. You may get "cliffed out" and
2. Not enough water on a hot day.