Andy Martin - An Autobiography

General Considerations


General Geographic Interests

Mountains in general, maps - particularly topo maps, political area highpoints - counties, states, nations, parks, etc.
Having lived in Arizona most of my life, I have a certain bias towards western US mountains :)

Outdoors / Highpointing / Mountaineering


  • Best hike - Granite Peak (Montana state highpoint)

  • Worst hike - Poison Ivy patch in New Jersey

  • Highest Elevation - 14,491 ft on Mt Whitney (4 times)

  • Quote - You don't have to get to the top today, the mountain will
    be there next year - Washington state excluded.

my county highpoints completion map
Click on completion map for the full-sized version

Hiking Interests

State highpoints, county highpoints, mountains near Tucson. Enjoy trail hiking, some bushwacking,
and backpacking. Limited rockclimbing/rope abilities. Averse to snow & ice.

Developed the concept of Martinizing: Driving to a highpoint. In its ultimate form this allows occupants to simply open the car door and take the first step directly on the benchmark. A perfect Martinization is a rare feat.

A nice example of Martinizing is shown in this photograph of Andy with his infamous Honda Accord overlooking Telluride, Colorado in July 2006.