Dale James Millsap - An Autobiography

General Considerations


General Geographic Interests

topography, political boundaries and highpoints
Outdoors / Highpointing / Mountaineering


  • Best hike - Lone Peak (near Draper, Utah)
  • Worst hike - one-day winter assault of Mt. Whitney
  • Highest Elevation - 14,491 ft on Mt Whitney
  • Lowest Elevation - -282 ft at Bad Water, Death Valley
  • Quote - Why climb it?  Because it's there.
my county highpoints completion map
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Hiking Interests

State highpoints, county highpoints, mountains in general. I really enjoy cross-country hiking, with or without a trail, and backpacking.  I enjoy with or without snow and ice, as long as I'm prepared.  I am becoming a GPS enthusiast under certain conditions.