Alameda County High Point Trip Report

Date: March 12, 2000
Author: Bob Packard

Using the Ohlone Wilderness Trail from Lake Del Valle got to Rose Flat Junction (Pt 32, 7.03 miles) and used jeep roads to get to "Discovery Peak" with its radio tower and to Pt 3841 1.5 miles to the SE with its curious 10 foot high boulder.

Until the boulder I was ready to accept Discovery Peak as the Alameda HP. Now I'm not so sure. The base of that boulder is about 2 feet lower than the high point of earth out there. This MIGHT put it outside the 3840 contour which might make it about 3848 which might make it higher than Discovery. Anyhow I stood on top of that boulder and wouldn't trust having been to the Alameda HP without having visited both places AND stepping on the highest elevation at both.

(hours, miles, elevation gain) = (9, 18, 5,500 ft)