Butte County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: September 8, 2004
Author: Bill Fincher

Off to an early start after spending the night at the nearby Lassen National Forest Cherry Hill campground. Roads and trail as described in previous reports. Both were quite dry and dusty as to be expected in September. There is now a trail to the cairn and highpoint directly from the Pacific Crest Trail. At the cut-out log described by Peter Maurer, the trail takes off to the southwest and leads directly to the cairn and register. The trail then continues approximately 150 yards west to a tree with a plaque denoting the Butte county highpoint. I searched for the second cairn and register described by Ken Jones but it has been dismantled or I missed it.

It was a pleasant walk back to the trailhead on this warm day with nice views of the previous day's hike up Brokeoff Mountain. More distant views were obscured by smoke and haze from a large forest fire burning in LVNP.