Calaveras County High Point Trip Report

Corral Ridge (8,170+ ft)

Date: September 11, 2003
Author: Bill Fincher

Here are a few updates for the Calaveras County highpoint.

I got to the trailhead early after camping the night before at nearby Lake Alpine. It was a warm day but smoky due to several nearby lightning-started fires that were now burning as managed burns. The OHV road was quite dusty due to heavy use and being so late in the season. The four-way junction is more of a one-way junction now. The path straight ahead is overgrown and appears to get very little use. The road to the east is purposely blocked by several large logs. Just past the logs is a clear cut area used as a ski run by the nearby resort. The road to the west now has a functioning barbed wire fence and gate across it. The other side of the fence had been heavily grazed.

I continued to the northern high point on the ridge. The register has quite a few papers and names but I could not find any recent signings. There were very nice views to the northeast of the nearby mountains. I then headed back to the southeast highpoint.

After a little searching through the woods, I found the cairn and the register (a small plastic bottle). The register was sitting out in the open. After signing it, I put a few rocks on it to keep it from blowing away. I then returned to the road.

It was then that I noticed the county line marker. This marker is on the south side of the road about 100 yards past the barbed wire gate. From the marker, the southeast highpoint is easy to find if you head toward high ground in a westerly direction. The county line marker is shown on the topo. On the way back there was one 4WD truck parked along the road, but I did not see the owner or any other people on the hike this day.