Del Norte County High Point Trip Report

Bear Mountain

Date: August 26, 2001
Author: Anthony Chan

I would like to add a few notes to Gary Suttle's description.

(1) 16N02 junction: According to Suttle's description of the approach, the junction to 16N02 occurs at 8.3 miles along Little Jones Creek Road. I found that the junction is located after mile marker 9. Do not take the unsigned dirt road that goes steeply up to the left between mile marker 8 and 9. The junction is a large flat gravel area with signs.

(2) At the Doe Flat trailhead, there is a restroom and several campsites with picnic benches.

(3) For the off-trail segment starting from Devils Punchbowl, Suttle's route is probably the easiest. There is a tempting route which climbs gently up on the west side of Devils Punchbowl. Do not take this, as one will have to traverse a steep cliff not visible from Devils Punchbowl in order to get to the ridge line.

(4) To keep the off-trail segment at class 2, go up the talus/scree up to 5600 feet elevation. From here, the pitch becomes steep. Aim for the trees toward the left side of the scree. There is a small cliff close to the top. Go around the right side of the cliff where the trees are densest. Utilize the trees as handholds and footholds and to minimize exposure. Once past this, the pitch becomes gentler and you will reach the ridge line. Count on about 3 hours from Devils Punchbowl to the Bear Mountain summit round trip. There is no visible water source in the off-trail segment.

(5) The summit is marked by a gold USGS marker and a red canister with register.