Glenn County Highpoint Trip Report

Black Butte

Date: August 12, 2008
Author: Eric Geissinger

Just down the road from the Medocino CoHP, I hit the Glenn CoHP. One should note that Suttle's book mentions a sign indicating the turnoff for this highpoint. That sign is either no longer there or I missed it.

Finding the highpoint is no challenge though as long as you pay attention to the mileage noted in the book (32.2 miles from the 162) and keep your eye on the obvious high bump to your left. Also note that it will be the only paved turnoff from the dirt road. It's a quick hike to the top.

I found an interesting collage of items in the summit can: a spoon, a hollow-tip 0.22 caliber bullet, a lightstick, and even a roach!