Imperial County High Point Trip Report

Blue Angels Peak

Date: November 6, 1999
Author: Roy Wallen

Approximately 4 miles east from the Jacumba exit on highway I-8, take the In-ko-pah Park exit and go south a short distance and then turn right toward Jacumba. After 0.1 mile, turn left into an open dirt area with a map of the Jacumba Wilderness Area posted on a large board. Drive to the left of the board and follow along the frontage road along a dirt track. There is a fairly large parking area just before the power lines. However, the road continues on and can be driven with a 4WD and high-clearance cars with good traction. After approximately 1 mile the road forks; stay to the right. After approximately 1.5 miles, the road forks again. The right fork is a dead end at a locked gate, the left fork is the one you want. I parked the Jeep at the gate.

Follow the left fork for a short distance until you reach another fork with a sandy track going to the left -- take this. This track slowly ascends upward with several jeep trails branching off to the left and right; stay on the main track. At about a half mile from the sandy track, there is a turn-around area with another trail going off to the left. Looking straight ahead, one can see a rock knob with a large boulder at the top and Blue Angels Peak just behind it to the right.

Follow a faint trail toward this knob. About half way to the knob, another trail comes in from the left -- stay right and follow the trail up to the ridge line. At the ridge, turn left toward the knob and keep it on your left, following a faint trail. Almost halfway around the knob, another faint trail branches off to the left up to the saddle between the knob and Blue Angels Peak; take this up to the saddle. At the top of the saddle, it's mostly scrambling over bounders and some sandy patches up to the summit.

Blue Angels Peak has three bench marks with the highest marked "Smuggler". Looking south, one can see a post marking the border with Mexico, approximately 1/8 mile south. Blue Angels peak is the county highpoint closest to the Mexico. Return by the same route.