Imperial County High Point Trip Report

Blue Angels Peak

Date: December 23, 2001
Author: Trapper Robbins

Previous reports and guidebooks have accurate route information. Roxanne and I initially ended up on the peak 0.1 mile South of Blue Angels Peak. It turns out that both this south summit (4,520+ feet) and Blue Angel Peak (4548 feet) have registers on them. Apparently, a small group of people claim that the south summit is the higher of the two (by 2 feet). They are very close in elevation and we were not able to personally determine which is highest.

Also note that this area appears very heavily used by people illegally crossing the border. There are lots of way trails and we found stashes of water, blankets, trash, etc. At one point, a black border patrol helicopter swooped in to check us out. And Roxanne is pretty sure she saw someone sleeping in a shallow cave. I would recommend not being in this area after dark.