Imperial County High Point Trip Report

Date: February 1, 2002
Author: "Old Clymber"

My rented Ford Explorer could not get much farther than the cutoff to the transmitter facility, so I parked close to that and walked from there. It was cold, but no snow to speak of. Topped out about 4 p.m. and hung around for a while. I was a bit paranoid being up there that late in the day by myself, but worried for naught.

Interestingly, the Smugglers highpoint is now in some doubt as to its status of HP of Imperial. One Jennifer Roach and another hiker apparently did some measuring with a hand level and concluded that the 2nd of the 3 lumps of boulders at the summit is the actual hp by 1 - 2 feet. Such are the semantics of hp'ing I guess. They placed a new register there. I did them all to be sure. Hope everyone else who has bothered did so as well.