Los Angeles County High Point Trip Report

Mt San Antonio

Date: July 2000
Author: Scott Surgent

Began the hike at 9 am due to some delays on my part, and followed Gary Suttle's route description all the way up. Southern California was having a mini-heat wave and the temps at the trailhead were creeping into the 80s, and even up on the ridge it was warm with constant sun. Mt San Antonio's better known name, Mt Baldy, is very appropriate. Little to no tree cover anywhere on the hike. Made the summit just after noon, and was back to my car at 3:30.


A "Forest Adventure" pass is required to park anywhere in Mt Baldy village or adjoining areas. It costs $5, and fines of up to $100 may be levied if you don't have one. I bought mine at a small home/shop near the "Ice House" turnoff about 2 miles below the trailhead.

The ski lift is closed and apparently will be so until fall.

There is water available at the upper ski area, but it's well hidden: find a closet-type structure adjoining the main building. This is the water main and there is a faucet/spigot that is handy.

An alternate to hiking up that 3 mile service road from the parking area is to hike up a use-trail directly below the ski lift. It's very steep with lots of scree (I slipped once) but is about 2 miles less in distance. I didn't take it up but I took it down.