Mendocino County Highpoint Trip Report

Anthony Peak (6,954 ft)

Date: August 5, 2004
Author: Dean Molen

Just an update on this one that might be helpful to others. The previous reports were all helpful to my wife and I but there is one change that should be noted. The signs mentioned to the Wells Cabin Campground and Anthony Peak summit are no longer there. The road that takes off from M4 angles up to the northwest when you get to the junction with it and M4 takes a dive to the east. Stay on the upper road and it'll take you right to the lookout parking area. No problem for a passenger car as we drove up the road in a Dodge Caravan. There is no sign indicating the Wells Cabin campground although it is obvious where it is. It looked like they may be closing or tearing it down but I didn't go in to take a closer look to confirm this.

The lookout was manned and great views are available from it. I found Dan Baxter's business card tucked under a rock at the witness marker near the Anthony Peak sign.