Mendocino County Highpoint Trip Report

Anthony Peak (6,954 feet)

Date: June 27, 2007
Author: Ron Tagliapietra

I followed Suttle’s book and didn't check the trip reports, so I didn't know that you could drive to the top. The ranger at the top told me that some passenger cars can't make it, since the grade is pretty steep in a couple places. On the other hand, try it! There are plenty of parking spots along the way, especially before the steep parts. When you get to spots where turning around is difficult or impossible, there is always a wide place ahead. Also, the first half mile is quite gradual and you will be glad that you drove that stretch at least.

The ranger pointed out Yolla Bolly Mountain. She said it is the highest peak in the entire California coastal range. It is not a cohp since it's in Tehama County, which reaches the Cascade Range in Lassen National Park. She also explained that the tree line on Yolla Bolly is strange since a crest of trees occupies the saddle between the two peaks, well above the obvious tree line. She said the trees in the crest are the rare foxtail pines.