Mono County High Point Trip Report

White Mountain

Date: August 19, 2001
Author: Jim Sommerville

Hiked to Lone Pine Lake on Mt. Whitney on the 18th for acclimatization, then spent the night at the gate at the end of the dirt road. The temperature in the Owens Valley was 104 and by the time we got to camp it had dropped to around 60, by morning it was around 35.

Started hiking at 7:00 AM, stopped at the Barcroft Laboratory and talked to the caretaker. He filled us in on the various scientific experiments going on at the time. Fairly easy walking for the first 5 miles, then trail becomes steeper up over the last 2.5 miles. The trail is all on an old road bed and is very easy to follow.

Arrived at summit at 11:30 AM, we were joined by eight others and had a nice lunch and swapped stories about other peaks. Looked at North Palisade (Fresno County) and wondered about our ability to tackle it. Signed register and headed back down.

Arrived back at car at 3:30 PM, it is a long hike at high altitude.

Trip Statistics: 8.5 hours, 15 miles round trip, 2700 feet of elevation gain.