Nevada County High Point Trip Report

Mount Lola (9,148 ft)

Date: October 16, 1999
Author: Dinesh Desai

Township location: 11-18N-14E
7.5' quadrangle: Independence Lake

My notes are from 1990 and roads may have changed. Also, my notes were pretty sketchy. Follow directions in Suttle's book ("California County Summits") to get to FS07. Once you are on FS 07, You will see a signed road to Independence Lake on your left in less than a mile. Follow the road and at 1.4(?) miles from the intersection of 89 and FS07, you turn right on unmarked S301.

Now you are on the same road mentioned in Suttle's book but you will be approaching the Trailhead from the opposite direction. You should spot the Trailhead on your left in a couple of miles. If you miss it, go the washed out bridge and backtrack using directions in Suttle's book.