Nevada County High Point Trip Report

Mount Lola

Date: July 1999
Author: Ken Jones

We took road FS 07 west from Highway 89 for all of about 1.25 to 1.5 (?) miles. A sign (as I recall) warned us of road problems ahead, so we turned left (the road is not numbered on my Tahoe NF map) and crossed on a perfectly good bridge.

We then headed west up the Little Truckee River (right at the first intersection over the bridge) on the lower quality road on the south side of the river. This was in a rental car, not 4WD. Eventually we turned south on an unsigned road which wound up hill, turned right at a T, and dropped to Cold Stream, cutting a couple of miles each way off the hike.

We chose not to drive the muddy area approaching the bridge, so we parked and walked it through swarms of mosquitoes.