Nevada County Highpoint Trip Report

Mount Lola

Date: July 2, 2005
Author: Robert Greene

My route was from the trailhead located off CA-89/NF07 from the northeast on the "Mt. Lola Trail" using Bob Burd's directions on Summit Post. They were pretty good except the mileage on the dirt road appears to be a bit short (5 miles versus 4). I followed the trail to the Cold Stream Meadow and then proceeded directly west up a somewhat steep drainage towards Mount Lola North. Encountered substantial snow still (in July!) above 7500 feet. Lots of wimpy scrambling up snow banks in my shorts, using my fingers for "ice axes". Mosquitoes almost all the way from the trailhead to the summit of Lola North; I could hardly stop without being swarmed. Weather was nice on top, cool and extremely windy. Last register signers were Robert Francis (5/17) and Ron Zappen (6/13).

Easy trek over to Mount Lola from Lola North with only a few snowfields. I could mostly avoid them, though there was a fairly flat required section right before the summit. Lots of activity in the Lola register, including one group earlier that day. I also saw another group on my way down, so at least three groups summitted that day. Descended the normal trail, was much easier although it too was basically covered in snow above 7500 feet. I took a few glissades in my shorts (Brrrr!). Thankfully, hardly any mosquitoes on the way down. I guess the heat of the day forced them to go away.

Arrived at Granite Chief trailhead at approx 6pm, decided it was too late to start (didn't want to be floundering around in snow at night) and called it a day.

Was a list-maniacs paradise, #24 & #25 on my California COHP list (working towards 50%!), #18 on my CA-2K prominence list, and #11 on my SPS list.

Climb statistics: 6 hour 7 minutes; 10.3 miles; elevation gain 2,530 feet.