Orange County High Point Trip Report

Santiago Peak

Date: March 22, 2002
Author: "Hang Dog Ted"

Take the Indian Truck exit from I-15. After briefly driving (less than 1/5 of a mile) down the paved road, continue on the dirt road. Very shortly you come to a fork in the road where there is a sign that seems to be written in Korean. Take a left at this fork. At mile 0.9 you come to a retreat center. Take a right at the fork at the retreat center. At mile 1.2 you come to a four-way junction. Continue following the road straight through this junction. At mile 7.2 you come to a T in the road. Take a right at the T (you will go through a gate immediately at this right) and follow the road to the top (mile 11.7). Most of the drive is pretty easy with a 4-wheel drive. However there are a couple very small sections where you will need to drive through slowly.