Sacramento County Highpoint Trip Report

Carpenter Hill

Date: June 9, 2007
Author: Ron Tagliapietra

We exited US 50 at Scott Road/E. Bidwell Road. We took the first right and turned left into the subdivision just after the road crested. We parked at the water tower, which is reached quickly by taking left turns at each intersection in the subdivision. The water tower and the neighbor's yard are both fenced, but there is a narrow gap between the fences. While I am small (37" chest, 32" waist), this once my smallness paid off. I barely squeezed between the fences and my partner could not fit through (he had summited previously).

Since I could feel one fence on my chest and the other on my back, this route will work only for people at most my size. After passing the fence, I had to jump a dry moat and walk to the road from the main tower. All three radio towers are now fenced. The good news is that the bench mark is in the highest boulder outside of the fence beyond the third tower.