Sacramento County Highpoint Trip Report

Carpenter Hill (828 ft)

Date: July 24, 2004
Author: Dale Millsap

I was in the area for a family reunion and the idea of having California's highest and lowest county highpoints sounded good. I followed Robert Greene's directions and arrived at the highpoint just fine, along with my wife, 3 sons, my brother and his fiancée (7 people). The benchmark is in good condition on the largest rock.

I have a couple of observations for the next person to pass this way. While it might have been a trivial stroll through the grass on Valentines' Day for Robert, it is now an opportunity to gather thousands of fox-tails in your pants and socks and spend the next thirty minutes picking them out when you're done. Also, the iron fences will be done soon and there will be an access issue, probably within a couple of months. The subdivision roads are all paved, and the houses are framed, sheeted, and roofed. We had to cross between lots 75 and 76. Since it was Saturday, there was nobody around to give us a hard time.

If you choose this approach, I would recommend parking about 100 yards before the end of Caversham, next to an iron gate across a paved driveway to the summit. It looks like there might be walking access around the gate. That way you can avoid the killer aggressive fox-tails that nearly drove my otherwise mild-mannered children to insanity.