Sacramento County Highpoint Trip Report

Carpenter Hill

Date: July 28, 2005
Author: Scott Surgent

We were here to catch our plane for Phoenix so we decided to visit Carpenter Hill- my 2nd time, Beth's first. I was here in 2001 when the hill was all grass and undeveloped. Obviously, a lot of homes have been built into the hill. We followed the various reports and took the Broadstone - Serpa - Caversham road net to the gate and on to the top. No trouble at all. A friendly city worker was 'hiding' up there, eating his lunch.

The houses up at the end of Caversham are pretty much built and inhabited, while the ones lower down should be ready in a few months. The gate at the bend in Caversham Road is iron, surrounded by brick fencing. It was open with no restrictive signs but I can't be sure that will always be that way. Future visitors will have to explore this for themselves.

We also drove the developments via Iron Point Road and some of the lesser residential streets on the highpoint's east side. We got as far as a small cul-de-sac just below the water tank and within view of the radio towers. This might be an option if Caversham is out.

A third option might be to hike up to the HP directly up the steep hillside from Iron Point Road on the south. It doesn't appear they'll be building houses here but they may landscape it. You can't park on Iron Point Road. Instead, make it an epic and park at the Costco a bit down the road. Numerous food, gas and sundry stores make the experience a comfortable one.