San Bernardino County Highpoint Trip Report

San Gorgonio Mountain(11,499 feet)

Date: May 29, 2005
Author: Bob Bolton

Early Sunday morning we drove up to the Mill Creek Ranger Station only to discover that there were no blank permits left outside that we could use, so we were forced to wait until the 7 AM opening to get a permit. We then easily found the South Fork TH and headed up the trail in gorgeous weather.

The hike was long but uneventful until we arrived at the snow at around 9,000 feet, just below Dry Lake, which was anything but dry. From the trail, we had been able to see others on the direct route on the peak and confirmed how to get there with some guys on their way down. The direct route on snow reminded us of our beloved but no longer repeated northwest volcanoes, although with only 2500 feet of snow it didn't seem nearly so daunting. The snow conditions were generally very good and the climb went without incident.

The 1800-foot glissade was great and the long hike out was as usual - someone had come along since our ascent and stretched the trail by at least a factor of 50%, or so it always seems.