San Francisco County High Point Trip Report

Mount Davidson

Date: January 24, 2004
Author: Robert Greene

Yahoo gave me directions to the park and it was a nice, easy drive. I parked at the bottom of the hill that leads up Dalewood, and "climbed" from there for a whopping 350-foot gain.

The day was fun weather, the fog was so dense, I could only see about 3 feet. I have some really cool "cross in the mists" pictures from on top, but didn't get to see any views of the surrounding city. No biggy, I'd been lazy about this easy HP for about 3 months, and finally decided to get out there and do it early when I didn't have to fight for parking.

For future visitors, almost all the paths go to the top eventually, I took the "scenic" Boy Scout restored stairs on the way up and then came down the road, they were both about equivalent. The road was a little nicer due to lack of wet, slick mud.