San Mateo County High Point Trip Report

Date: June 3, 2000
Author: Roy Wallen

In preparation for accessing this private highpoint, we contacted Loro Paterson who works as a ranger for the regional open space preserve (contact at Loro made arrangements to visit the highpoint on a Saturday when the owner would be present doing work on the property. Access through arrangements with Loro is the only way to avoid the electric fence surrounding the property (to keep out feral pigs) and will keep future highpointers on good terms with the landowner. Our original plan for summit day was delayed by a day to accommodate the owner's schedule.

Access is through a locked gate off of Skyline Boulevard. Going north from the intersection of Big Basin Way (Route 9) and Skyline Boulevard (Route 35), stop at the gate at the entrance to Portola Heights Road at about 3.5 miles. A group of mailboxes is there and the address 22400 is used for several of them. Once through the gate, drive along the main paved road, which becomes Long Ridge Road. Stop at the wooden fence (over 8-feet high and impossible to scale) on the left adjacent to where the electric fence is connected. Once through the gate in the wooden fence, park in the driveway.

Walk south then east around the knob on the left and ascend the knob from the east. The highpoint includes a few mature trees and great views to the south and west. A view of the Santa Cruz highpoint is visible to the south-southeast.