Santa Barbara County High Point Trip Report

Date: June 16, 2001
Author: Anthony Chan

This trip was accomplished by using a mountain bike to shorten the time, especially going downhill. You can easily average 15-20mph on the long downhill sections, while on the uphill sections, you can at least match the walking speed (4mph if riding, or 2mph if walking the bike). My trip time was 8 hrs 40 min. However, a much shorter trip may be possible if you have access to a motorcycle, since they seem to be allowed on the fire roads (I saw one on the way). According to the US Forest service's map titled "A Guide to the Dick Smith Wilderness", the two roads mentioned sits between Dick Smith wilderness and San Rafael wilderness. Thus, I interpret this to mean that motorcycles and cars are allowed, if you can get past the gate. The roads are rocky and sandy in some sections, so I don't think a Harley would have an easy time, but a dirt bike should have no problem.

An alternative approach from the coast is also possible, since Big Pine road continues on to Upper Oso. But this approach looks to be about the same or longer than Gary Suttle's route, which is 31 miles round trip.

If attempting trip in June, be sure to bring an insect repellent. There are thousands of gnats and mosquitoes waiting in the shade.