Sierra County High Point Trip Report

spot elevation 1.25 miles north of Mt. Lola (8,844 ft)

Date: June 29, 2001
Author: Andy Martin

Not being satisfied with "cutting the corner" on Granite Chief, I attempted to do the same on this peak. My 7.5-minute map showed a dirt road leading to 7,720 feet about a mile and a half northeast of Mount Lola, and the exact condition of this route kept us in high suspense as we navigated towards the peak. Our fondest dreams were realized when the road turned out to be unposted and Honda passable, and we parked at the end. In fact, unmapped logging roads led even higher to the west, but we did not push out luck (high clearance will help).

From Lola I walked the ridge north a bit over a mile to "Lola North", which is a well defined knoll. The small glass jar register here was placed by

Gordon MacLeod
Barbara Lilley
Simi Valley CA
Aug. 24, 2000

I was a bit surprised to see the log from these veteran mountain climbers on this dinky knoll, but it turns out that they are getting interested in the CA county summits.

From here I bushwhacked directly down slope due east back to the car. Lots of logging activity here, they took down some real big trees.