Trinity County High Point Trip Report

Mt Eddy (9,025 ft)

Date: July 13, 2000
Author: Edward Earl

This one is quite a classic, and I did it by the book. Gary Suttle's, that is. There seem to be a few changes since the book was printed, though. Forest Road 17 is not marked as such at the turnoff but is confirmed by signs after you are on it. A sign says, "Trinity Heritage Scenic Byway" as you approach the turnoff.

The hike proceeds up a scenic alpine drainage, whose major feature is the Deadfall Lakes: two large ones, and then a succession of smaller ones. One thing not mentioned in Suttle's text that might help is that about 1/4 mile after the PCT crossing is another junction, where the right fork is a spur trail to the nearby large lake and the left fork continues up the drainage.

At 8000' the trail tops out at a divide, and a side trail to the left continues up the ridge to the summit. Although the wind was calm for almost all of the climb, a chilly wind raked the summit, and I put on my parka immediately after arriving. Though Mount Eddy sports over 5000' of prominence, it would be hard to guess that from its proximity to Mount Shasta, which dominates the view from a distance of just 15 miles.