Yolo County Highpoint Trip Report

Little Blue Peak (3,120+ feet)

Date: October 6, 2001
Author: Anthony Chan

Three possible routes to Little Blue Peak are described. The routes are updated from Gary Suttle's description to reflect the current condition there.

A map with route collected by GPS is provided.

Route 1: BLM route

The BLM route described by Gary Suttle, along the ridgeline to the high point, is now nearly impenetrable due to dense growth of thorn bush. In his addendum website he describes a ducked route. The idea of this route is to stay in the streambed as long as possible to avoid the thornbush fields.

Travelling along the streambed is rough going, but it is much better than trying to burrow through the thornbush. Once one reaches the end of streambed, marked by some old barbed wire fencing, strike northwest, avoiding the thornbush fields whenever possible. I did not find any ducks outside of streambed. Often, game trail can become visible and should be followed. The route marked "Alternate #1" on the map skirts the thornbush fields by climbing above it. In my opinion, this is more difficult. Below peak 3081, I was forced to bulldoze my way through the thornbush field, as I could not find a way around it.

Past this point, there are several obvious game trails which can be followed to the ranch road leading to the high point. Long sleeve shirt, long pants, and glasses/goggles are advised to avoid injury from thornbush fields.

Route 2: Private route

Private ranch roads criss-cross the land west of Little Blue Peak. Once you can get to the roads, the going is much easier. There are two entry point to the ranch roads. The shortest one is marked "Bushwhack #1" on the map. To use this route, first hike to the sharp bend in the jeep road from the parking spot. Then strike for one of the clearing visible to the west. However, be advised that the house nearby is occupied.

The ranch road can be reached by a longer bushwhack, marked "Bushwhack #2" on the map. In either case, the bushwhack requires some bulldozing, but it is not bad as the BLM route due to relative lack of thornbush. Near Butte Rock, there is a short stretch where one leaves the ranch road in order to use another ranch road which leads to the highpoint.

Route 3: Private route from south

One might be able to avoid bushwhack entirely by utilizing private ranch road from the south. According to the satellite image provided in terraserver.com, this road can lead to the ranch road leading to Little Blue Peak. The gate, which was unlocked, is marked "Entrance to ranch road" on the map. However, I was denied permission by the owner, who happened to be there. A person with considerable personal charm or a good timing might have a better luck.