Yolo County Highpoint Trip Report

Little Blue Ridge

Date: September 24, 2008
Author: "Dingus Milktoast"

Access has changed. Rayhouse Road turns into Reiff Road at the Yolo county line. The trailhead for the hike is actually located in Napa County. The trail quickly recrosses the county line. The gate at the county line is now apparently locked permanently. Twice this summer have found the gate locked. I'd heard from a different group (yolohikers.org) that there were plans to close part of Rayhouse Road permanently. I guess that has taken place.

The net result is the Yolo county HP may not be accessed from Rayhouse Road. One needs to travel either the Knoxville Berryessa Road or go to Clear Lake, then Lower Lake, then the Morgan Valley Road to Reiff Road.

The Highway 16 to Rayhouse Road option (always closed in winter) is now permanently out of play. Itís bad to find the gate locked when you're on the wrong side of it!

The Mud Pirate still has his irrigation hoses next to the road, to prepare next season's mud. Don't drive up past the castle house if the road seems even the slightest bit wet or sticky or you'll be paying tribute to the Mud Pirate to have him haul you out of his carefully prepared ditch/trap.