Yolo County High Point Trip Report

Little Blue Peak (3,120 ft)

Date: May 17, 2002
Author: Jim Sommerville

As suggested in the trip report by Craig Harris, the all-BLM route is no walk in the park. Take lots of brush, slippery rocks, wet feet add a ton of flies and you have an all day adventure. Took Morgan Valley Road from Lower Lake to Rieff Road, turned left and followed Rieff Road 2.4 miles to cable fence which is 1/10 mile west of county line.

Followed jeep road past the duck marking one of the private routes and continued down to the end or the road. We were trimming branches as we went and missed the rock arrow placed on the road marking the beginning of the cross country route. We had been following the road watching for cut branches and had trimmed some more on our way so be alert for this arrow. I built a small duck and placed some cut brush across the trail at the arrow. It is a few hundred feet past an area of the road that has been washed out. The route heads straight down a dirt bank and is clear of brush. Follow the drainage down to Davis Creek and turn left upstream. The route follows the creek bottom occasionally wandering in and out. All entries and exits were ducked. We passed the red steel fence posts and began looking for the route out of the creek. We took several scouting missions up steep banks to no avail. The actual exit is about 1/2 mile upstream from the posts and is marked by a large duck about 18 inches high that is in the creek. The pine trees are about 200 feet above the creek. Head straight towards them up the steep loose dirt bank. Once you gain the ridge where the pine trees are you will notice a grassy area. Follow this grass up to a large meadow with a view of Butte Rock. The road to the summit is visible to the right.

We had a brief stay at the summit, signed the register, and headed down the same route. This route would be good in October or November when the weather has cooled and the flies are gone.