Yuba County High Point Trip Report

Sugar Pine Peak (4825+ ft)

Date: May 21, 2000
Author: John Sarna

The directions to Sugar Pine Peak in Gary Suttle's "California County Summits" indicated a left turn onto a white gravel road from milepost 5.5 on FS04. However, it didn't look promising on my Plumas National Forest Map, so we proceeded further to find several more turnoffs, some also covered with white gravel.

After a rather warm night's camp, we decided to follow the directions in the County Summit's book to the letter, trying the 5.5 mile turnoff anyway. We were heartened to find the anticipated cross-roads 3.3 miles in, but the "place to park" (0.3 miles further) left us looking over a wide valley, which obviously wasn't the high point. Having "been there and done that" before, I turned to my GPS which I'd marked with Gary's place-to-park and the location of Sugar Pine Peak itself. Hence, we backtracked to the cross-roads and followed a few lightly traveled logging roads to find the gravel road and finally, the "trailhead". For those who are interested, the correct turnoff from FS04 is 6.2 miles from its start, and it's in a small canyon rather than the much larger one you cross about 3 miles in on FS04.

In any case, it was a nice stroll up to the peak. I could not find any trace of the pile of pine cones, or see the prior register, which I'd signed in the last time I was on the peak almost a decade before.

To make it easier for others to navigate the maze of logging roads to the trailhead, below are the GPS coordinates which I acquired during this trip. Also listed is the location of Poverty Hill, where we found some water pipes and stoves, including a "tin ginny", mostly buried near a creek. It's sad to have to say that a good part of the old site appears to be buried under a new white-gravel mine, the purpose of which seems to be to cover the maze of logging roads in the area.

------ ------------ --------------- -----------------
STRW-V N3933.85894 W12106.43414 STRAWBERRY VALLEY
0-RGHT N3935.04598 W12104.86730 TURN RIGHT OFF HWY
1-LFT N3934.57735 W12102.88687 TURN LEFT MILE POST 6.2
2-EAST N3936.39331 W12101.36123 PARK - HIKE EAST ROAD
3-GRVL N3936.34374 W12101.12594 GRAVEL ENDS
4SADDL N3936.33473 W12100.82468 ON SADDLE
5SADDL N3936.31188 W12100.85171 ON SADDLE
6-LEFT N3936.35179 W12100.79925 HIKE LEFT X-COUNTRY
SP-PK N3936.45672 W12100.88873 SUGAR PINE PEAK
WRONG N3936.79982 W12102.63774 TOOK WRONG 5.5 MI ROAD TO BE HERE
P-POVH N3937.11525 W12100.31323 PARK FOR POVERTY HILL
P-HILL N3937.34378 W12100.40658 POVERTY HILL SITE3