Yuba County High Point Trip Report

Sugar Pine Pk (4825+ ft)

Date: July 15, 2000
Author: Edward Earl

Because the route described in Suttle's book involves only 375' elevation gain, I parked the car about 1/3 of a mile early and walked the extra distance. Although I normally require 1000' elevation gain, Sugar Pine peak is a bit small for that degree of effort, so I required only 500'. Even so, I made a brief side trip down Simon Ravine to Earlize [a climb of 1000 feet of elevation gain] it. I noted some differences from Suttle's directions. The turnoff from highway E21 is now signed Scales Road, not FS04. The Brushy Creek crossing that marks the turnoff from Scales Road onto the gravel road is no longer signed, though a post is still there. This turnoff is 6 miles from E21. Right by mile marker 5.5 is another gravel turnoff; this is the wrong one.

The summit has two registers, one of which is the one described in Suttle's book. A second register, on the other side of the road, is in a hollow in a concrete slab at the actual summit. Because the county line is indefinite, the Yuba county HP may be at the location of the first register.