Yuba County High Point Trip Report

Date: September 21, 2000
Author: Dave Covill

The Yuba County HP is about a 2 hour drive up into the Sierra foothills NE of Marysville/Sutter Buttes. Suttle's book didn't match the topo map, and I foolishly lost a 1/2 hour trying to "see" the right road, making the map fit the text. Gave up on that, re-did the odometer, and it worked out fine. The road is indeed a left by a hairpin turn in the paved road, at about mile 5.8. The hairpin has a modest bridge across it. This road goes for about 10 miles further, and every turn looks the same, trust me. Major logging going on in the NF here. Great roads, paved or graveled. Drove my rental car up the 3+ miles to the small turn, and drove up it about 4/10's. Went over a minor washout, ~6" deep, had to stop by a log. Only ~0.2 further, up maybe 200', to the top. Found the triple-trunk-tree, w/ pine cone cairn & plastic bag register in it, no sweat. Saw EE's card, among many others. A woman from San Diego, I think, had been there the past week.