Archuleta County High Point Trip Report

Summit Peak (13,300 ft)

Date: September 22, 1996
Author: David Olson

I drove through Del Norte and then up the Pinos Creek road to Summitville. I took a photo from two miles away, of the Summitville mine and a sign marking the boundary of the EPA Superfund site. The road drove closer, right by the mine. Nearby was visitor information, and behind that a collection of old cabins of the old ghost town of Summitville. I drove on. 1.5 miles after Elwood Pass the unimproved road I intended to use was gated and I had to park there - alas!

It was mostly a day hike up Prospect Creek towards Long Trek Mountain and around Montezuma Peak. On the far side of Montezuma Pk. I met another hiking party, from Albuquerque. There was more snow, covering most of the ground, sometimes deeply, in going past unnamed 13,000+ ft and on the northeast side of Summit Peak.

The southeast side of Summit Peak was mostly snow-free and grassy - a straight-forward climb. I found three surveyor's monuments on top. In the register I saw many unusual home-towns - several from Brazil. I went down the same way. At the saddle I climbed up the 13,000+ ft peak, with 400 ft of shoulder drop. The top was a nice climbing problem.

I got back to my car after dark. On my way out I drove down the Park Creek road. I saw several warning signs about heavy truck traffic and avalanche danger. At US Highway 160 there was a sign detailing more regulations concerning Summitville.