Baca County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: May 2006
Author: Roger Williams

Carrizo Mountain eluded me. Whether I took the wrong turn or became confused by the multitude of roads around there I'm not sure. I found Roads P/Q, and went through a ranch which had several large feed lots. I then wound up on a road which took me up hill to Road M. The sign for this showed I'd gone up Road 31 and come from the Everett Ranch. I drove up and down Road M but it didn't agree with the directions. It did come to a fence but it went through it on a grid (US: guard) and there was no road following the fence over a hilltop. Didn't find the way to Potato Butte either; I'd like to have climbed it.

I finally gave up and headed back to US-160, Prichett and Springfield. The recommended Hill Restaurant there apparently does not exist; there was a restaurant by the intersection of US 160 and 287 but it had some other name and the adjacent filling station had never heard of it. I ate lunch at a steak house or bar and grill north of town.