Chaffee County High Point Trip Report

Mount Harvard (14,420 ft)

Date: July 14, 2002
Author: Walt O'Neil

I left Cottonwood Creek Trailhead at 6:25 a.m., inventing the last parking space available by moving a rock. Reached the 1.5 mile mark at 7:05 and the summit at 12:02. The weather was partly cloudy except for the last 50 feet, when it was drizzling and sleeting. This area is hand and foot holds over boulders. Before I could ascend this area, I had to help 4 people and a dog get down as they were afraid of the slippery rocks.

Not getting much of a view with the fog and drizzle, I descended at 12:13 and reached the trailhead at 4:11 PM. The trail is excellent and there were volunteers working on it.

Times: 5 hours 37 minutes up and 3 hours 58 minutes down (although it seemed longer).