Crowley County High Point Trip Report

Date: July 4, 1998
Author: Walt O'Neil

We went to the Crowley County HP property, in the northwest corner of the county and got permission. Mrs. Schubert was nice and didn't mention anyone being there before, but said we could go through the gates on the right of the house. We went left as the map and John Mitchler's county HP guidebook suggested and the road ended abruptly.

We went back at her suggestion and went east to the fence corner and headed north. It was dark by this time and we aborted the mission. On the way back we found some paved roads in El Paso county that could help the access. Take hwy. 94 to Yoder and turn right, go south, to Truckton Road and go left. At Boone road turn right and it is paved to the county line. Before the county line if you turn left on Neelt Road, it will take you to "3 Rd" in Lincoln County. This will put on the north approach close to Crowley County.