Crowley County High Point Trip Report

four unnamed areas (5,220+ ft)

Date: June 10, 2002
Author: Fred Lobdell

This cohp is on the property of Schubert Ranch, which is shown by name on the topo. I drove up to the ranch house where I was met by a lanky man in his 40s or thereabouts, perhaps a Schubert son. I did not meet elderly Mrs. Schubert, who the man said was in the house. The man had no problem with my passing through the gate and driving the 2.5 miles north and then west to where the HP ridge crossed the north county line, although he expressed some doubts as to my Nissan Sentra's ability to make the trip. But I only lost one small part off the underside of the car.

I parked on the ridge at the county line and walked the ridge toward the southeast, passing over the 4 areas in the process. The ridge is clearly higher south of the county line than it is at the line, so the northernmost area may be eliminated right away. I concur with the guidebook authors who stated that the first closed contour south of the county line contained the true HP, but I walked the ridge out anyway.

I would strongly urge that future county highpointers not try to stealth this one. The Schuberts are good, decent people. It is their land, and they readily grant permission to us HPers to visit the HP. Please don't abuse the Schuberts' hospitality in the future.