Crowley County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: November 6, 2004
Author: Kevin Baker

From the Lincoln county hp, we headed south down dirt roads to the Schubert ranch for Crowley. We arrived at 8 am and were a little concerned about showing up too early but the grandson had no problem with us proceeding. This would be the long hike of the day, so we wanted to get it done first.

We passed through the ranch, then followed a fence line north to the Lincoln county border. Along the way, we passed within a few yards of a dead cow and got some pretty nasty downwind odors! We visited the coordinates provided by Mitchler and Covill, and also visited a couple other 5,220-foot contours just to be safe. It is difficult to tell where the true highpoint is without a handlevel.

We made it back to the car at 10 am (about 4.5 miles and 80 feet of elevation gain) and headed for Otero county.