Delta County High Point Trip Report

Mt Lamborn (11,396 ft)

Date: August 10, 1997
Author: David Olson

I got a late start, drove to Crawford and up the side-road above and up Coal Creek. The road was slick from recent rain. I took a poncho with me. Halfway up the Interocean Pass I lost the trail in a net of cow-trails, deer trails, and trail trails. With some direction keeping and bush-whacking I found it again on the last bit to the pass.

From the pass I bushwhacked west, up the ridge, past the first knob, and past the cow camp. Then I followed the cow path dropping rightward off the ridge into a north drainage. I bushwhacked up the drainage and then up the northeast ridge. Thorough exhaustion.

The tip-top of Mt Lamborn is a rock spire. I quicksigned it as the rain and thunder rolled in and headed down. Two-hundred feet down I took what shelter I could from the pea and pinto-bean sized hail.

From Interocean Pass I was able to follow the trail all the way down. I noted that the streams were running high and muddy. I got my truck going. One mile before the National Forest Boundary I got my truck stuck in a perennial soft-muddy-spot in the road next to a spring. I spent the night at a Bed and Breakfast in Crawford and arranged with the Mad Dog Ranch, owned by English Rock star Joe Cocker, to have a 4WD tractor pull me out. One easy pull did it.